About CourtFileNow

CourtFileNow is a comprehensive, integrated, Web-based eFiling system for courts, clerks, and attorneys. CourtFileNow, powered by Cenifax Courts™, links all aspects of case management to court documents. With immediate updates to your case management system, counties can go virtually paperless and avoid duplication of effort.


  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Enhances performance
  • Enhances communication between parties

CourtFileNow’s Web-based eFiling system has a highly intuitive design and built-in flexibility to fit workflow and process variations. It is designed for high performance, security, and reliability. Cloud-based Infrastructure further reduces costs, and provides demonstrated 99.99% availability.

NO Tax dollars are needed to fund CourtFileNow eFiling license and ongoing support.

CourtFileNow is funded by a one-time appearance fee per case by attorneys, with no cost to the county for the system license and ongoing maintenance and support.

Covered costs include:

  • License and installation
  • Customized training based on county size
  • Annual maintenance and support

Advantages of CourtFileNow versus the competition:

  • Counties do not have to fit their workflow into CourtFileNow. We customize the system to fit the county’s work and process flows.
  • There is one degree of separation between the county and the original developers of the system, who are still on staff.
  • Today’s system embodies three years of intensive research and development. Weekly meetings with judges, clerks, and attorney groups have resulted in an eFiling system that effectively serves the needs of all constituencies.
  • A retired Superior Court Judge is on staff as an eFiling consultant. This judge headed the Data Board for the County Courts and spearheaded development and feedback from the user communities for the flagship system. This makes it possible for CourtFileNow to offer assistance in developing local rules.
  • We conduct ongoing and continuous attorney outreach to support the success of the system.
  • We transform user group ideas into improvements to the system.
  • CourtFileNow works well with both large and small law firms.
  • The Calendar is robust and easy to use and also provides the ability to access documents.
  • The system allows customizable process flow and work flow.
  • The county “owns the data.” CourtFileNow does not resell the data.

CourtFileNow Features:

  • Seamless integration with your existing court case management system to eliminate duplication of entries and wasted effort, and to present a uniform view of court case records.
  • Administrative tools for managing staff for courts, clerks, and attorney firms.
  • Workflow and routing tools that allow customized workflows for courts, clerks, and attorneys.
  • A “save for later” function that allows courts and law firm staff to prepare a filing for easy completion by the judge or attorney.
  • Innovative case tools that allow custom folder and alert creation, and easy communication between attorneys and courts.
  • A Quick Order Form process for easy creation of frequently used orders that can be unique for each court.
  • Calendar tools that are integrated with your case management court calendar, and allow easy scheduling of events, easy resulting of events, and easy filing of orders from the hearing or event.
  • Improvements recommended by our user community:
    • Easy docket text entry
    • Printing of the docket and the court calendar
    • Sticky notes for tracking comments from clerks or court staff
    • Filters that can be applied to the court calendar and the docket for easy searching
    • Online chat with the Help Desk during business hours
  • 24/7 rapid processing of filings from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Simple and clear step-by-step screens that utilize standard Internet methods.
  • An adaptable system that can handle all civil and criminal case types.
  • High-performance software built with the latest Web-based technology that is designed for security and reliability with immediate failover architecture and demonstrated 99.99% availability.
  • Multiple training tools and training delivery methods, including Quick Start Guides, onsite training, and Web-based self-training or webinar training driven by an instructor.

CourtFileNow eFiling System is a product of Cenifax Courts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cenifax, Inc.™

Cenifax Courts, Inc. has demonstrated knowledge and support for the eFiling needs and processes of attorneys, clerks, judges and court staff. Cenifax, Inc. is an IT facilities management company specializing in providing software services solutions to government and the courts for over thirty years.

For more information, please contact Cenifax Courts at 888.318.4751, or call Kathy Nicolini, SVP Marketing and Strategic Planning directly at 888.318.4751, ext. 702.

Every minute counts! The CourtFileNow eFiling system saves time and money while enhancing accuracy, performance, and communication between parties on a case. Get the CourtFileNow Advantage backed by over thirty years of experience in serving county government.

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CourtFileNow provides 24/7 rapid processing of case fillings from any computer connected to the internet.